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Our Story

Ride Wild aspires to cultivate inclusivity, and strength in community, while extending an invitation to share in adventure. Our Tribe is for the unbridled spirits, the ones looking for a place to belong and live freely. It combines the freedom of the past with the untapped spirit of the future. Together the possibilities are endless.  
Many moons ago, Ride Wild was once known as Wild Gypsy Tour. While the name has changed, the spirit has stayed the same. 

While it all began as a motorcycle campout at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Ride Wild has evolved into a community-supported series of powersports events and outdoor adventures across the country. We seek to empower our community to step into their power backed by the support of the Tribe.

Our Dream

Ride Wild aims to empower womxn and friends through adventure-lifestyle events and cultivate a connected and thriving community. Our mission is to ignite a Tribe of Wild Dreamers, backed by a community that is forged from adventure, wellness, and shared passion for pushing the limits.


Community is our backbone. Our windsisters fuel our passion and our Tribe.


Adventure is our life-blood. New experiences are the magic of life.


We ride to feel the electricity and thrill of being alive.


Health is wealth. We promote mindfulness and self care.


We love our Planet and we strive to prioritize sustainability.


Giving back to our community and to our partners is in everything we do.


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What does Ride Wild mean?
What are powersports?
What are powersport vehicles?
Is Ride Wild for womxn only?
Does this mean I can bring male friends or significant others to the events?